The ‘Burning Candle’ Necklace


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22k gold plated silver 925 with a baroque pearl
Pendant Length: 4,4 cm
Pendant Width:0,9  cm
Types of chain: Thin
Total Chain Length: 50cm or 65cm
Baroque Pearls are natural and have irregural shape and size that may differ



Eros and Psyche collection is based on Greek Mythology describing the love story between gods and immortals. 

The ‘Burning Candle’ Necklace is designed to be worn as a symbolization of this allegorical tale and as a reminder of the personnal inner conflict! Through struggling with its inner demons -fear and unawareness- soul will achieve self-knowledge.

One night Psyche couldn’t obey to her lover order not to see his face; she lit her candle and saw that he was none other than the god of love. But a drop of the burning candle suddenly woke him and as  Eros felt betrayed he fled away without forgiving her. Desperate Psyche set out in search of her lover as she was remembering his last words before flying to the dark sky; ‘Love can not live without trust’. Psyche regretted of what she had done, she went to the temple of Aphrodite asking her to persuade her son to get her back. She was ready to prove her love for Eros!


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